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What you need to know about appointing an embedded network manager

The newly introduced regulatory changes to the National Electricity Rules (NER) require that all property owners that operate embedded networks (ENs) to appoint an Embedded Network Manager (ENM). To avoid potential penalties, you need to comply with the new rule. Many companies offer comprehensive ENM professional services like the ones being offered here: If you have questions about what an ENM is and what they do, the following information will help provide you with vital information.


What is an ENM?

An ENM is a new Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) accredited role. It is created to manage the market interface functions between embedded networks and market systems. All potential ENMs must first prove that they are capable of bearing the obligations placed on an ENM in the market by the AEMO before they can obtain registration. The ENMs at are all fully AEMO accredited.

Who needs the services of an ENM?

Everyone who controls, owns, or operates an EN in the National Electric Market needs a network exemption. However, only some of these network exemption holders are required to have an ENM. Small ENs with less than 30 tenancies are often allowed to delay the ENM requirement until a customer within the EN enters into a contract with a market retailer. However, ENs that fall under the jurisdiction of the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) with over 30 tenancies—either commercial or residential—need to have an ENM.

What does an ENM do?

An ENM provide embedded network managed services, as well as maintains electrical information about the EN. Such services are only conducted at sites where an ENM is appointed. Part of the EN services includes enabling the off-market customer market interface to become on-market. As a result, customers are allowed to buy electricity from their choice of retailer within an EN that has been assigned with a National Meter Identifier (NMI) by an ENM. The NMI allows the customer’s address to be identified in the National Electricity Market (NEM). A customer cannot become an on-market customer without an NMI. Visit at ENM Solutions

Aside from providing NMIs to customers within ENs who wish to go on-market, ENMs are also responsible for recording details of both the parent meter and customer’s metering installation in MSATS.

Considerations for embedded networks

The new rule represents a significant impost to ENs across the National Electricity Market. Aside from appointing an ENM at each site, the Exempt Embedded Network Service Providers (EENSP) will also have to make sure that the offering, through services and rates, are market compatible. That’s why it’s import for ENs to understand manual meter reading, site access for participants, meter data access, and deduction of energy charges, as well as on-market child meters and meter leasing costs

The ENM role provides EN operators an opportunity to increase their revenue by offering additional services to their clients. You can check out the services offered by ENM Solutions on their page at Just make sure that you understand the requirements and responsibilities of ENMs before obtaining accreditation.

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