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Appropriate toys that enhances the child’s development for ages 1-3 years old

Shopping toys for your kids with ages 1-3 years old is not easy, especially when it involves their growth and development. However, one of the best action to do is by finding toys that are appropriate for their ages. For instance, you can check out the highly recommended toys for ages 1 to 3-year-old kids here:

According to JourneyToSahm, most toys don’t have an educational aspect and they only exist for the sake of being a plaything. And these kinds of toys will only last for a short time since they lack simulations for your child’s brain. Thus, they end up being discarded after 2 to 3 months. So, to help you find the right toys for your kids, here is a list of the best development toys for you 1-3 years old child.

Animal toys

Toy animals are fun to play with and can help them develop their temporal lobes. Temporal lobes are located in the brain and are responsible for perception, face and object recognition, memory, language, and emotion. Playing animal toys will help them improve this by allowing the child to recognize what type of animal it is. You can also include the shapes and parts of the animal toy that is structured the same way as the real animal.


Your child simulates shapes and structures in their brain when playing blocks. Every time the blocks starts to topple over, your child learns how to arrange them properly so it won’t happen again. Thus, they develop their logical thinking as they keep playing. Logical thinking skills are important to help develop your child’s intellect. They become decisive and observant as they grow older.


Puzzles have a different level of difficulties depending on the age of a person. Thus, for ages 1-3 years old you can buy jigsaw and sticker puzzles that’s easy enough for them to solve. According to, puzzles help develop a person’s reasoning and critical thinking skills. Thus, being exposed to playing puzzles at an early age will greatly benefit your child’s growth. You can find interesting puzzles for kids here:

Aside from reasoning and critical thinking skills, one good benefit your child can get from playing puzzles is by increasing their productivity. Puzzles help develop your child’s concentration. And based on UsaToday, an increase in concentration can improve an individual’s productivity. This will help your child as they enter school. When they struggle on a task or assignment, having a habit of playing a puzzle will give them an advantage. They can just take a break from the task and focus their concentration by playing a puzzle.

Picture books

Visuals and illustrations are really good for your child’s education. They also provide a fun way of learning. The pictures in the book attract the eyes and catch the cerebrum’s attention. The cerebrum is part of your brain that controls vision and other senses. And since picture books contain colourful illustrations, your brain starts to focus on it and develop their cerebrum’s functions.