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Roller Derby 101: Choosing the right Roller Derby roller skates

You need to achieve an ideal performance whilst playing Roller Derby in Australia, especially if you’re the jammer of your team.  Thus, you should look for the right Roller Derby roller skates to buy, so you can have such kind of rolling whilst on the derby.

Here’s a basic guide that could help you.

What to look for in buying Roller Derby roller skates?

In choosing Roller Derby roller skates Australia could offer, you should aim for one that could provide you sufficient speed, agility and grip. Such factors shouldn’t be too high or too low, to allow you to have better control over your wheels.

Moreover, comfort is another factor you shouldn’t ignore. This is for you to avoid putting too much strain on your feet and legs, letting you last longer throughout the derby.

In considering such factors in buying a roller skate, you can think of two main categories as you search. These are the wheels, and the overall quality of the roller skate.

Roller Skate Wheels

For you to find Roller Derby roller skates in Australia with good speed, agility and grip, you should be keen in observing the wheels. Consider the following properties to help you.

Softness or Hardness

Roller skate wheels come in a spectrum of hardness, with 78A-80A as the softest and 97A-103A as the hardest. Soft wheels are perfect for outdoor use and slippery floor, as it provides the highest rate of grip.

On the other hand, the hardest wheels are perfect for indoor sticky floors and provide the least amount of grip. When talking about Roller Derby, 90-96A is the advisable range, so you could still have quite a good grip as you roll through. Check RollerDerbyHeaven for more details.

Size in diameter

The diameter of a roller skate wheel dictates its speed and agility. The larger the diameter of your wheel, the faster you can go, without the need to exert much effort to maintain a certain speed.

However, note that extreme speed could be detrimental in playing derby. Thus, it’s best to choose Roller Derby roller skates with wheels around 58 to 62mm, which is around the mid-range size.

Overall quality of the roller skate

In terms of comfort and overall function of a roller skate, there are a couple of factors you should consider.

Size and Weight

You know about having the right roller skate size that fits perfectly on your feet. But you should not miss considering its weight as well.

In choosing one for Roller Derby, make sure to buy Roller Derby roller skates with lightweight. That could help you have better control, move without much effort, and avoid straining your feet through the game.


Finally, note that Roller Derby is an extreme contact sport. Thus, make sure to buy a pair of roller skate that’s durable enough to withstand impact during the game.

There you have it. These are a few points you should remember in buying Roller Derby roller skates.

Just make sure to grab a pair from reliable sources, like, so you can have the best quality roller skates. Enjoy!

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