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Hiring a Dog Walker – A Quick Guide

There might be times when your dog will have to be walked by someone other than you, for any reason whatsoever. It could be that you’re too busy with work that day, or you really need to be somewhere with someone. In any case, you will have to forgo the walk with your dog, unless you hire a dog walker. If ever you’ve decided to do so, take a look at the dog sitting Melbourne jobs that might be posted online. There are reputable companies that can provide you quality services at reasonable rates.

However, if you’re not yet familiar with the entire process of hiring a dog walker, we understand if you feel hesitant to leave your beloved pooch with a stranger. So here’s a quick guide about hiring a dog walker, so you can put your mind at ease:

How to start

Find a prospective company that provides dog walking services (some might call it dog sitting). Try to do some research on what their previous customers think or feel about them. How was their experience? A quality Melbourne dog walker company will definitely enjoy the credibility and good reputation that comes from providing a reliable service.

Set up a meeting if possible so that your dog can become familiar with the person who’s going to walk him. If you can arrange it, you should also do a “trial walk” together with your dog and the prospective dog walker. The walker should be given a chance to handle the leash alone while you step back and observe.

You should also express your preferences, such as what equipment you want the dog walker to use, and whether you are fine with your dog being walked together with other dogs or not. Again, a reputable Melbourne dog walking company will take care to meet your expectations to the best of its ability.

The costs

Basically, the costs of hiring a dog walker would greatly depend on how many walks you want per week, as well as how long each walk would take. We recommend contacting a company that offers dog walking services Melbourne pet owners have used. Ask questions about their rates, just to make sure you can afford their services.

More questions?

  • Feel free to ask if they offer other services aside from just walking your dogs. Some companies posting about dog sitting Melbourne jobs might offer grooming and bathing services, pet visits, poo patrol, and out-and-about/taxi run services as well.
  • Ask if the company is insured and bonded. This will add to your peace of mind, and even though it’s not really a strict requirement for a company or individual that provides dog walking services, it does give the pet owner some sort of protection in the event of a loss or an injury happens to the dog.
  • You should also ask about the qualifications of their personnel. Have they had any formal training at all? Aside from walking and grooming your dog, are they trained to provide medical care in case your pet needs it?

Dog sitting Melbourne jobs are becoming more and more available in the area, as well as in other regions. The reason for this is the growth of companies that offer dog walking and dog sitting services to Melbourne pet owners. If you need a dog walker, visit this website ( of “Spot The Dog Walkers”. They’re one of the best Aussie companies in the business.

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