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Custom Presentation Folder as a Sidekick for your Digital Marketing

Business is business. It runs on profits — and what’s a better way to induce such sales? Before you say that using good charms for luck on your business, perhaps you can start on marketing your product or service like using flyers, brochures, and pamphlets inside a custom presentation folders as an all-in-one traditional print media for marketing business.

custom presentation folders

Does Traditional Print Media Still Work?

The modern age of computers, the Internet and social media has made businesses become really reachable. Marketing truly has evolved from paper to pixels. Because there are more people using smartphones more than ever, most businesses have put up an official website and a number of social media accounts affiliated and handled by the digital marketing manager or the online customer service representatives of the business. In fact, in a 2019 social media statistics, Facebook is the leading social media platform that businesses value along with LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

While this has declined traditional print media, it is still filled with flaws. For example, some business pages may be a fraud — commonly found in Facebook. That is because not all content in social media platforms are checked to be true and anyone can make a factual or false statement. However, in newspaper print, an example of traditional print media, contents are regulated by trusted journalists and editors to be verified a truthful and comprehensible information for the general public. So yes, traditional print media still works and is mostly reliable, too!

Customized Presentation Folders for your Business

Traditional print media still have a limelight. You can find it helpful in making an effective marketing that you can also pair with the digital marketing for you business. You can opt to getting a designed brochure, flyers and catalogues inside a presentation folder. With a custom presentation folder, you can have the chance to be ready for proposals, business meetings, and conferences. It is an extension of your business because it stores every product or service catalogue in one place.

Having custom presentation folders is ideal for boosting your business’ profits as well as the reputation of their brand name. With the number of competitors businesses have, they have to look and act as the best choice for their clients and potential clients to come.

These are common marketing prints found inside custom presentation folders:

  1. Flyers – pieces of enticing print media with your brand name, tagline, product advertisement and contact details.
  1. Brochures – an informative collection of print divided into sections with product or service overview, statements or studies that support the product or service, the business brand name, and contact details imprinted.
  1. Testimonies – a print media that includes clients satisfied experiences with your brand name, service or product to help gain trust from new potential clients.

Using The Sidekicks in Marketing

Using the sidekicks: both digital marketing and traditional print media marketing is rewarding — you get to connect on a whole new level. You can visit website called DFW Printing for your print media needs in the US.

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